Last update before Euroganza

I haven’t updated this in a long time–I have just been too busy traveling, planning traveling, doing school work, sleeping, practicing, etc. Heck, I don’t even have time to update now. Pictures take a long time for me to edit so it might be a while. I haven’t even updated my Scotland ones!

However, I will tell you all that I went to Prague the past weekend and it was AWESOME. Cheap too–about 80 pounds for the entire weekend, including flight and accommodation. I also happened to see Prince Charles when I was walking around Prague. Crazy huh? I’ll tell the story later when I write about all the details of the weekend.

I can’t upload all of my pictures now, but here’s a picture to prove I was there:

The Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are behind me.

I am ALSO about to embark on my Spring Break (they call it Easter Break here) journey around Europe. I’m going to eight cities in three weeks:

Country 1
Country 2
Country 3
Country 4
Country 5

Going clockwise around Europe. Anyone wanna venture guesses? 😀


2 responses to “Last update before Euroganza

  1. Berlin? Scotland? Germany? ………….

  2. Ok. Nevermind. Just realized you said cities….I’m not good at cities…

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