Doin’ it in the park…

Today was really great weather in Manchester. It’s been unusually hot–my friend said it was the nicest “summer” he’d experienced in the 4 years he had been in Manchester. I guess I am fortune to be here for that (On a monetary note…I’m also fortunate the exchange rate for the pound was at recently its one year low).  I spent the afternoon stomping around the city and Chinatown just walking around…it’s like 75 F and a slight breeze. That weather + bubble tea in your hands = so good. I think it’s a really freeing feeling just being able to walk around the city on a perfect day…just because you can.

Due to the nice weather we decided to have dance session in Platt Fields Park, one of Manchester’s larger parks. We got a makeshift linoleum mat and a CD boombox. The title of the blog refers to a popular b-boy break song by The Blackbyrds called Rock Creek Park. Here is the song:

And here are the pictures…

Shemper–click to enlarge the pic, it looks so much better. One of my favorite shots


Kit…look at Justin’s face…


Our sound system


Click to enlarge this one as well, looks better.



Kid Tyler…soccer football windmills

Of course the cops came.

Ferrari I saw on Curry Mile. Blurry picture.


One response to “Doin’ it in the park…

  1. Since when did you get converse???

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